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The Dunn School of Pathology

A new logo and website for The Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford

The Dunn School is famous for developing Penicillin over 50 years ago. Alongside the existing building where this pioneering work was done, is a new building that is linked to the original. It is this that inspired the design for the new logo. The new site communicates clearly the key areas of the School and the work that is being done by the teams of scientists, with profiles of the different groups and individuals, as well as information for prospective students. Working extensively with the School throughout we closely managed the setting out of all the content on the site. The site features photography taken by the scientists themselves, with the flexible image display that Drupal provides. In addition, we built a platform for microsites that uses a centralised site management tool to enable individual research groups to quickly set up their own website using a consistent set of designs.