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Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild

Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild

Queen Mother’s Clothing Guild is one of the UK’s oldest charities and from its foundation in 1882 its purpose has been to support those most in need. QMCG respond to requests from charities right across the UK for clothing and bedding items that they have difficulty in sourcing or funding themselves. The gift of new clothing and bedding provides warmth and comfort, helping to restore dignity and self-respect.

The new symbol is based on a badge from their archives, but updating it by using a multicoloured design - inspired by the coloured blankets made by their volunteers each year. The namestyle is neatly symetrical and matches the style of the symbol. The royal cypher is retained as a separate monogram to signify their continued association with the royal family. Overall - the new identity is a careful balance of the old and new. It’s bright, strong and confident.

The website brings the charity up to date and communicates what it does, its history and current activities along with simple ways to enable supporters - new and old - to get involved, donate and join as a friend. Strong photography is used throughout to illustrate who QMCG helps and features all the items that are made and bought - donated each year to over 60 charities.

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