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Blue & White Company

Identity for a new online retailer

A new online shop offering a range of items created by artists, craftsmen and designers including some favoured established brands. As the name suggests all products are in the timeless colour palette of blue and white. The heritage of blue and white through art history to the present including inspiration from art materials themselves are a strong part of the brand story.

The identity is classic in feel and pared-down to the essence of simplicity. The namestyle uses the typeface Plantin. There is a separate symbol made up of the initials which is used as a monograph.

The website is clean, simple, uncluttered and like the identity classic in feel. Ease of use, technical stability and functionality was the most important aspect to consider and get right with this as an e-commerce site. 

I am thrilled with the design Franks and Franks developed for the Blue & White Company. They created the perfect identity and website that successfully captures exactly what we discussed in the original brief. The design team brought to life all the ideas that we shared - it was an invaluable experience to collaborate with them in the development of the company

Juliet Franks, Creative Director
 (no relation by the way – just a happy coincidence!)