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The Queen's College, Oxford

We have been working with The Queen’s College since 2015, starting with the website which is 100% aimed to recruit new students. The style, design and colour palette is intentionally bold, bright and confident and features photographs of students in context of studying and living in the college - avoiding any aspect that might be seen as too formal. The website, now 5 years old, is still as fresh today as it was then, due to it being well maintained by their communication department.

The design, colours and overall style of the website were then used as a basis to develop the style for all print items. In 2019 we redrew the eagles within the shield to add a degree of finesse that was previously lacking. The updated logo is now being implemented by the college from a set of guidelines and templates we produced.

The latest project features a new illustration of Queen’s that works as a guide. The new illustration is an interactive map on the website as well as being used as a printed guide for visitors.

The objective for all of these projects is to make Queen’s more accessible to prospective students with the goal of increasing applications from a wider demographic.

Queens WebsiteQueens Website
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