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Winchester House School

Winchester House School

Winchester House School is a private prep & pre-prep school for boys & girls on the borders of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

We designed their new logo - updating it to reflect their new positioning, and to help the school compete strongly within a very competitive field.

The old crest featured 3 lions but the school had already chosen to use a single lion on their school uniform / sweatshirt. So it was a logical move to formally adopt the use of this single lion as the symbol and drop the full crest. As part of this exercise we redrew the lion to improve various aspects especially the lion’s head and mane.

A new namestyle using the sans serif bold typeface, Gotham, was designed with a combination of a new stronger blue and brighter red. The logo incorporates the lion in a soft grey to complement the namestyle. The lion fits within the space created by the short and long name and neatly creates a strong, regular rectangular shaped logo which is easy to place on most items, without the need to create other versions

The lion on its own can be used in any of the new colours. We designed a full set of guidelines to help the school implement the logo over all items; signs, literature, website electronic templates and social media.