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Striking new website design for The Queen's College, Oxford

The Queen's College website is 100% focussed on increasing applications from students who are academically and intellectually aspirational regardless of where they are from.

The Queen’s College prides itself on being somewhat independent as a college – and aims to recruit independently minded students. We used this as the lead positioning statement on the home page.

To appeal to students, we designed a bold, confident site that was uncompromisingly modern, using a striking colour palette that is compatible with the colours of the Crest. We adopted the new Namestyle along with their Crest – that combines tradition with the modern.

The approach to the site was to feature students – looking relaxed, happy and set in context within the college – rather than featuring the buildings of college itself – which although stunningly beautiful in their own right – could be off-putting to the majority of students who may well be intimidated by its grandeur. We celebrate the beauty of place – but in context to give a more friendly feel. 

“Thanks for your outstanding work. We’ve had a lot of enthusiastic feedback about the website already.  And for our part, we greatly admire the design and greatly enjoyed working with you.  You’ve enabled us to realise our ambitions.”

John Hyman, Professor of Aesthetics, University of Oxford